Mickey Hands

These are the larger hand size.. from top to bottom.. measures about 3 1/2 inches. The red is about 3.5 x 2.. which is what i found that they said is the standard size of the place cards.  With this size, I can't put the red dots that are on the bottom as they are in the original... the base is too small.  I could also try to do it with the next smaller size clip..but I would have to get some from the store as I dont have any of that size.  The base here is an inch wide.

Comparison of two hand sizes

Smaller Hands - measure about 3 inches from top to bottom



Teacher Clipboard

More Teacher Clipboards to come..  Some are generic (for say a grade school teacher like the one below).  Others to come are more personalized in the area of teaching for middle school or high school teachers.

Coach Clipboard

Perfect for the coach in your life!  Of course, can be personalized for any sport!  A unique gift!

Mickey Mouse Rolodex Card

This was done for the letter "M"

Santa Ornament

The ornaments are 'shatterproof'. 

Forgive the glare.  It would not photography well due to the sparkly silver and the flash!


Pretty Snowflake Ornament

The inside is covered in glitter.  The snowflakes are clear shapes covered in glitter.  This is way more shiny and pretty than the photo does it justice.

Cookie Monster Card

A cookie for you, a cookie for me!


Happy Anniversary Love Birds

The base is black.  The hearts on the red on the left side are all embossed.
The inside sentiment is "Love Birds"

Chocolate Take Me Away!

This cute Snowman is soaking in its cup of cocoa.  The "marshmallows" are raised up, it's hard to see in the photo.

Giraffe Baby Shower Invite

Hot Chocolate Recipe

The yellow 'dots' are embossed to give it the appearance of a polka-a-dot cup.


Superbowl Invitations


Cupcake Gift Card Holder

This cupcake gift card holder flips up to reveal the gift card underneath.  It has 'sparkle sprinkles'.  Any child would love to receive this.  The wrapped is "wavy" to make it look and feel like a real cupcake wrapper.


Happy Birthday Gift Card Holder

This gift card holder would be perfect for anyone.  It is gender neutral, as well as 'ageless' which is the best thing about this card.  Can be used for a 5 year old or an 80 year old.  The top flap is embossed with "Happy Birthday" Greetings.  The bottom has a star design.

Baby Bottle Gift Card Holder

These are shaped like a 'baby bottle'.  The cap is 'embossed' to give the effect of the ridges.  The left side is also embossed to give the 'measurements'.  Perfect for any baby shower, or 'congrats' gift.



Ice Cream Cone Gift Card Holder

The 'ice cream' is raised off the base so that the cherry can slide up and down.  You would attach the gift card holder to the cardstock connected to the cherry.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

What the holder looks like completely closed.

What the holder looks like when slide out of the base.

Male Feel Better Card

It was requested that I make a "male version" of this card.  I needed to do something with the bunny slippers as there really isn't anything male about 'bunny slippers'.   I fixed that by just cutting off the feet and redrawing the border (which I think turned out fine considering there is no head. :))  I went with navys and used my copics to color the robe in monochromatic.

  Here is the card with the envelope.  I stamped the "RX" bottle on the bottom right corner.


Present Gift Card Holders

To open these gift card holders, you pull the bottom of the 'lid' open.  The 2nd photo shows what it looks like open.  You would either glue the gift card to the inside slide, or just slide it into the flap.


Christmas Tree Treat Boxes

I really like how these boxes turned out.  The star I could be a bit more happy with.  I tried to glitter the entire thing, which I didn't like, tried to used glittered paper, which I didn't like.  This is what I liked the most out of everything I tried.  The one side opens and has peppermint treats inside.  The images on the white are done in green pigment ink, and embossed in clear embossing powder.  The top of the stars are stickles along the edge.

side view

Michael & Chloe - Halloween 2009

Here is Michael & Chloe. 

Michael (my nephew) is a hot dog vendor.  His box says "Hot Dogs .75" on the front.
Chloe (my mini dachshund) is his hot dog.

My mom made the costumes.  She's made all our halloween costumes since I was five. :)

They won first place at the Dog Halloween Costume. :)

A close up of Chloe, by herself.

Reindeer Ears I found at the store.  She liked them a lot! :)